Portable Charger /Universal wall outlet
There are limited outlets around the palace. Therefore, we recommend bringing a good portable charger to easily charge your devices without worry. The power sockets in Morocco require a Type C power plug

While the internet is strong and consistent at Sbai, we encourage purchasing a private internet signa l for when on the road and out side internet range which is not uncommon. We recommend purchasing the INWI Mobile Internet plan for 499MAD which gives you unlimited WIFI for the duration of your stay. These can be purchased at a local INWI store in Casablanca or Marrakech a n d upgraded as needed. If you need guaranteed internet in all areas of Sbai Palace, you will need to purchase a personal hotspot modem before arriving in the desert. Please ask your driver to stop at an INWI store to purchase a personal modem and a sim card. The sim card and modem will cost around 600 dirhams (about 70USD) and will provide you with unlimited internet for one month and can be upgraded as needed. Wi-Fi routers.
Remember to check with your cell phone provider about coverage in Morocco to avoid unnecessary fees.

To exchange USD to Moroccan Dirham, we highly recommend you do so before exiting the airport.
If withdrawing money from an ATM, we recommend you do so before exiting the airport as well. You can also withdraw money at a nearby ATM when you stop at the INWI store. While there is an ATM in M’Hamid, it is often out of service or money. Please get the adequate amount of cash that you will need for your entire stay. It is better to take out more than enough. If you have Dirhams left over, you will have the opportunity to exchange them at the airport before your departure.
The weather in the Sahara varies from season to season. As hot as the 100 degrees and as cold as 20 degrees. Prepare for cold weather at night when in the desert and bring a scarf that can be used as a head wrap for protection against sand in your hair. It is important to bring a light jacket or sweater to ensure your comfort in the evening.

Not only is the air in this region of Morocco incredibly dry, but dust is also inevitable. Solid creams and moisturizers are the best way to combat this.

For those with seasonal and environmental allergies, we suggest you bring allergy medication.

Bring any snacks that you may want as the town of M’Hamid does not have many American snacks available.

Insects are not uncommon. Bring sprays that repel mosquitos and flys

The trip to M’Hamid takes roughly 9 hours from Casablanca to arrive by our private van and 14 hours by bus. You will stop for a quick lunch and have an opportunity to purchase water and snacks for the remainder of the trip. Please make use of that. Of course, you will be able to make bathroom breaks but please try to limit them as much as possible. Ladies, bring toilet paper as many public restrooms in remote areas do not always have it. Be patient and enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the way. Flying into Morocco The best airport to fly into is Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca (CMN).

  • Private Van: The price for a driver is 3000 MAD from Casablanca each way and 2000 MAD from Marrakech each way. This option offers a bit more flexibility. For assistance booking our private van and driver, please email
  • Public Bus: The CTM Bus System offers a significantly inexpensive options for travel to the desert from Casablanca. Currently, tickets  are 285 MAD from Casablanca and 180 MAD from Marrakech to M’Hamid where Sbai Palace is located. For this option, please visit CTM’s website to book your ticket
  • Car Rental: For those willing to  rent a car, free parking is available on the Sbai Palace premises.

  • Domestic Flights: Sbai Palace is located in M’Hamid El Ghazine and the 2 closest airports to this town are in Ouarzazate (3
    hours away from M’Hamid) and Zagora (45 minutes from M’Hamid). However, these flights can be unreliable due to
    Covid19. Currently, there are barely any reasonably timed flights to Zagora and only one flight late at night to Ouarzazate.