Classes & Services

Gozi Halima | Intuitive Healer
Gozi is an energy and alignment coach, speaker, and facilitator. Her number one passion in life is creating a safe space for people to meet themselves, release their limitations and embrace the totality of who they are so they can connect to the magnitude of what they are capable of achieving and accomplishing on their own terms.
She is an Advanced Certified Theta Healing® Practitioner, a Co-Active qualified coach, training with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She also holds an MBA in International Business from The European Business School and also holds a BA (Hons) in Politics.
Having lived in three continents (Africa, Europe, and North America) Gozi has over 20 years of experience in brand strategy, marketing, and advertising as well as years of entrepreneurial experience.
Gozi is a global luxury travel bunny, hippy and nature lover; multi-passionate, and full of life.

Sbai Palace Intuitive Healing and Meditation Sessions

Meditation and flow mornings will happen every day Monday through Saturday. 
These sessions will be a mixture of guided meditation, breathing exercises and movement with the intention to ground you and keep you in flow for the day.  

Group Intuitive Healing sessions will take place at 6pm every Monday – Saturday and are included in the Mwasi Creative Community Experience at Sbai Palace.

These sessions will be a mixture of a brief talk/discussion about the topic of the day/week plus a deep energy clearing using the Theta Healing®️ modality*** 

Private Individual Intuitive Healing Sessions with our resident Healer
• Tester session (30mins): $60 USD
• One 60mins session: $120 USD
• One Week Package of 3 sessions (60mins each): $270 USD
• One Month Package (twice weekly, 8 sessions in total and 60mins per session): $670 USD
The one month package also includes access to Gozi (our in house Intuitive Healer) in-between sessions for brief Q&A or follow ups for extra support as needed. 

Private Group Retreat Intuitive Healing Sessions with our resident Healer:
 For up to 8 people: $360 USD
For 8-12 people: $540 USD
If your group is less than 5 people, please inquire within for our smaller group rates. 
*Please note group sessions are unisex. We can also provide, men only, women only and children only sessions as needed. 
***Theta Healing®️ is a meditation technique used to access the subconscious mind in supporting it in releasing limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours that are not serving; and at the same time embedding empowering and transformational beliefs to guide you towards the life you truly desire.

Evgeniya Ali Refai

Evgeniya is the photographer and body flow instructor here at Sbai Palace.
Evgeniya is an ambitious young woman, who is familiar with the idea of freedom— having traveled, lived, and worked in several different countries around the world, served as the senior photographer for a Russian Political channel and operated her own photography business everywhere she has lived. The global experiences that she has gained has played a huge role in the special creativity that she possesses. 
For Eugenia, freedom comes from being comfortable your own  body, so she feels it is important to start with this in her work in body flow and photography. 
A strong connection with the body is a major victory on the path to true freedom and happiness.
Every morning we meet in the practice of awakening body flow, in which the motives of yoga, tai chi and dance are intertwined.

Photo Shoots

1 hour Photo Shoot $135 per hour
Photo Healing Session $250 per hour

Kedrick | Fitness Trainer
Kedrick N Kweh is a Fitness Trainer at Sbai Palace. He has a strong passion for fitness. His goal is to help you build confidence and strength through your work outs. Over the years, he has helped many people transform their lives inside and out.
Are you struggling with weight? 
Do you want to put on some lean muscle mass? 
Are you lacking the motivation and time to exercise? 
Unsure of what kind of exercises are best for you? 
Don’t see any results from your training?
 OR just need help pushing your own limits? 
Maybe you just want to get in the best shape and be the better version of yourself whilst on vacation?
AT SBAI PALACE, we help change lives, find the right balance, and reach all your fitness goals, in the most simple, healthy and realistic way possible. Through our customized training and nutrition insights, we will help our clients achieve even the most challenging body goals.


Programs and Services
Private Session
Daily: $12USD per day
Weekly: $50 per week. This consists of three workouts sessions, for example (i.e. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)
Monthly: $100 per month. 12 sessions (3 sessions every week)

*Remember each workout session will take up to 45 minutes depending on clients’ goals/workout programs.
Group Session
-Will take place between 7am and 8am
– Prices: $6 per day; $12 per week; $45 per month
-If you sign up for a week’s worth of private sessions, then you get the group sessions free for that week

Ashley Marie Weston
Ashley’s experience in the kitchen dates as far back as High School, where she received her culinary arts degree after completing a dual program. While at her 4-year university, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Ashley worked as a Jr. Pastry Chef at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and then as a Vegan Chef at a food cooperative, both in Philadelphia.
After spending 10 years in youth development and community outreach, Ashley took a leap of faith and began her career as a chef. She worked for a private chef agency in Hallandale, FL, where she managed the kitchen at a restaurant called 222 Taco. Ashley used the stagnation of the restaurant business during COVID-19 as an opportunity to jumpstart her meal prep business. She promoted her business vigorously, using everything from social media platforms to condominium bulletin boards. Her food was a hit during a difficult time. 
Ashley is bringing her talents to Sbai Palace where she will serve as our Head Chef. She also offers cooking classes for Adults and Children. 

Cooking Classes
Recipe Building Cooking Class $65.00
Cooking instruction is recipe building activities geared toward nutrition with elements in science and math.  

Moroccan Cooking Classes
Arabic Classes
French Classes
Henna Design
Moroccan Drumming