Sbai Desert Luxury Camp
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ATV Rides through the Sahara Dunes
A 4×4 pick up from Sbai Palace (Up to 6 people) to the desert. 1 hour exhilarating ride, with guide, up and down the Sahara dunes on ATV’s in M’Hamid.
550 Moroccan DH per hour

Day Camel Ride into the Sahara
Pick up your camel in M’hamid and ride your new friend into the massive Sahara. Camels are majestic creatures. They hold themselves like they a regal and you will feel that way too riding high on their backs.
400 Moroccan DH

Nomad Night in the Desert
Meet your camels and ride into the dunes. Spend a night sleeping outside by a fire, in the dunes, under the stars, with desert Nomads. A delicious meal is prepared and cooked before your eyes. Sand bread is baked from a hole in the sand. The stars light the sky and the peace and awe of the desert lulls you ro sleep. Wake up to watch the sunrise from the highest points and return to the camp site for breakfast. Mount your camels for the walk back to town. Prepare for a breath-taking evening.
1000 Moroccan DH

Trip to Chegaga
Chegaga hold the largest sand dunes in Morocco. Take a 2 hour road trip from Sbai Palace to Chegaga to explore. If you decide to stay the night you can sleep in the camp, listen to the Nomads tell stories and drum and then return by 4×4 to M’hamid after breakfast.
1400 Moroccan DH Car to Chegaga
600 Moroccan DH per person for overnight stay

Car Service
1 hour or less trip to M’hamid by Sbai Staff (By Availability) 50 Moroccan DH
Trip to M’hamid by Taxi 100 Moroccan DH
Private Car Service for 4-6 hours 300 Moroccan DH