Mwasi Creative Community

Mwasi (meaning rebel in Swahili) Creative
Community is the heartbeat of Sbai Palace, offering daily programming, healing professionals, artists residencies, classes, excursions, photo shoots retreats, and festivals. It was established to offer an alternative way to live in community.

The Mwasi Creative Community at Sbai Palace is hard to define. Words are not enough. It is a feeling we want people to have. A feeling of release, safety, community, care, peace, comfort, transformation, responsiblity, to self and others. We are interested in providing a sanctuary for the leaders, the thinkers, the healers, the doers. Sbai Palace is something different. While the setting is one of luxury, we are not interested in running a luxury hotel. The Mwasi Creative Community requires something from its guests. An offering of sorts…an offering of patience, of vulnerability, a surrendering to culture and difference and sharing of time and talents. This creative community thrives with the deposits of the people that come. When you show up with the spirit of the intention for what has been created you leave with much more than you gave, a global community of leaders to inspire you and keep you going. This is as close as we can get to explaining what can only be experienced. If you are ready for some peace. We are ready to receive you at Sbai Palace.