Whether you are interested in a yoga retreat, a writers’ sanctuary, or hosting an employee appreciation experience, we can host you and your guests.The retreat participants stay in our 16 luxury rooms, 8 bungalows and 8 Suites in the New Kasbah. 12 rooms can be single occupancy or broken into 2 twin beds. We offer a room for retreat leaders, lounge areas and space to hold private sessions, meetings and yoga classes. Retreat groups are also free to use other parts of the grounds for their various activities and participate in our daily programming. We only host one to 2 groups at a time. We encourage retreat leaders to take all 16 room so they can shape the energy of the space for their week. We have 2 profit yielding pre-built packages at varying price points to make it easy. Your retreat can also be custom designed to suit your needs.

If you are a retreat leader and would like more information on building a retreat at Sbai Palace that includes the various profit margins please contact us at